Weight Management

Our weight loss program has assisted people to lose weight and keep it off.weight-loss-new

It is a long term solution to improved health based on science not fad.

The weight loss program is very comprehensive, and the overall aim is to assist patients to achieve and maintain weight loss/management, improved energy, healthy skin, better digestion, optimal energy, cardiovascular health, boosted immunity and blood sugar control.

The program encompasses the following:

  • An initial consultation with a qualified Practitioner
  • Effective herbal/nutritional supplementation to aid weight loss including a Multivitamin, Omega 3, pre and probiotic, blood glucose stabiliser, Chinese herbal supplements
  • Initial assessment report including indepth dietary advice and a treatment program
  • Guidelines for appropriate exercise; 30 mins most days is recommended
  • Ongoing acupuncture on a fortnightly basis
  • Phone support / consults as required
  • Shen Therapies wellness book containing nutritional guidelines, recipes, healthy snack ideas and shopping guidelines

The program is based on a combination of ‘The Zone,’ ‘The Wellness Diet,’ scientific research and personal experience. The program contains different phases, but overall, the aim is to assist and help patients to return to how our grandparents used to live in the past, when food was more organic, wholesome, and nutritious with far less sugar and additives.

Please phone the clinic for more information on this program or drop us an email info@shentherapies.com.au.