Rust Never Sleeps & Neither Does Endometriosis


Rust Never Sleeps, and Neither Does Endometriosis

By Dr Andrew Orr (Reproductive Medicine &Women’s Health Specialist)

When rust gets into a piece of metal, it starts to slowly eat away and corrode its unsuspecting host. Nobody really knows where it will pop up next. At first the tiny implants of rust cannot be seen, but underneath the layer of metal, the rust is at work, slowly devouring and eating away at the core of this metal piece. It is like a weed. You can cut it out, poison it, and do whatever you can to prevent its return, but once it is there and those minute little seeds have shed and spread, not matter what you seem to do, it seems to just keep popping up everywhere.

It is silent and can often take years to take full effect and be visualised, but once it is there and it full swing, it causes weakness, corrosion, toxicity and all manner of havoc for the piece of metal it has now invaded. Just because you cannot see it, doesn’t mean it is not there either. It is the master of stealth, but eventually is will rear its ugly head everywhere, all the while it is has been working its way underneath the surface and its endless tentacles and teeth reaching out and eating at the very core of its host. As the famous musician Neil Young once said “Rust Never Sleeps”. It is perfect assassin for it needs no sleep, and it has a mission of destruction and chaos to anyone who stands in its way.

While rust may never sleep, neither does Endometriosis. Endometriosis is just like rust. It is also like a pesky weed, with a never-ending lifecycle. It spreads; it drops seeds (implants) everywhere it goes. It causes pain, it can be silent and with stealth and at the same time, spreading without causing a single ounce of pain for a significant portion of the population. All the while it is causing havoc in other parts of the body, creating the illusion that there must be something else there. It is the master of illusion. It makes many think it is something else (IBS, Bladder issues, UTI etc). It invades without a trace and can even be the master of disguise, evading even the most notable physician, but all the while it is feasting and causing chaos under the surface, just as rust does.

Just like rust, sometimes you can cut out a small piece of it and get every single minute part of it at the same time. Other times you can cut it out, and then underneath the microscopic, undetectable implants just pop up somewhere else and starts its vicious lifecycle in another location. Sometimes it can hide altogether, yet still be there under the surface causing havoc. Other times it will present itself to be seen everywhere and scatter itself so far and wide, you will never ever catch up with all of it.

While sometimes the smallest amount of it can cause immeasurable pain, sometimes the largest amounts of it will go undetected and cause no pain at all. Actually, a significant portion of women affected with Endometriosis will have no pain at all. We only hear of the women with pain and this is totally understandable. But we also need to let people know, many have no pain at all. It isn’t until the person is investigated properly (via a laparoscopy), that they find that they may be riddled with it.

Endometriosis just isn’t in the endometrial lining. It is most outside the uterus, or embedded deep into the endometrium. It can get on your tubes, in your vagina, on your bowel, into your intestines, up into your lung, around your pericardium and heart, into your brain and they have even found it in people’s fingers. It is truly like a weed, like the rust we started talking about. It can spread everywhere and as said before, can evade even the most noted medical mind. If you don’t know what you are looking for, it will try and evade you forever.

But like rust, with the right treatment, Endometriosis can found, captured, seen for what it is, have its true colour exposed, have its weakness exploited and be vanquished to the nether regions of the destructive world it appeared from. Yet, many fail to explore, or implement the right treatment, choosing to mask it, or pretend it has gone, and all the while it is being allowed to inflame, fatigue, cause pain, play with your emotions and basically wish that life as you know it would magically just end. This can be the life of many who unknowingly trust that just cutting out the rust, or trying to mask the symptoms of it, without destroying and preventing the tiny implants of it underneath the surface from appearing and taking hold again.

Like any disease, prevention is the key to treatment. Take away the fuel, and the fire can never take hold. The same goes for endometriosis. You need to take away the foods and substances (alcohol, smoking, chemical is the environment) that are fuelling the endometriosis to grow in the first place.

If the endometriosis has taken hold and is causing issues, you need to then have it cut out and removed. There is a point where no matter what medications etc you take, nothing is going to settle that inflammation and pain down and well and corrective and investigative surgery. The only way you can diagnose endometriosis is through a laparoscopy. Scans and blood test do not diagnose it. Even sometimes with surgery, endometriosis can be invisible to the naked eye, but make no mistake, it can still be there. This is why biopsies are taken to see if the microscopic implants are there causing pain and havoc, underneath he surface. But even then, it can infiltrate deep into the muscles and around the nerves to remain undetectable, even via a biopsy. But make no mistake, at some stage, it will rear its ugly head to be seen and to be heard. For those that know the symptoms, they will know it is there, when all other measures of investigation fail.

Once the visible disease is found, it needs to be removed and then you need to prevent its return. The only way you can do this is suppress and then destroy the microscopic implants and the very thing they feed off. Never make the mistake of thinking that surgery is where all your treatment ends. It isn’t. This is where the real work begins.

While estrogenic response is a know factor, we also know that insulin feeds inflammation and also causes problems with estrogen and hormone metabolism and distribution. If you get the diet under control, reduce the inflammation through lack of insulin and sugars, then you also help regulate the hormones and starve the endometriosis. You need to eat as clean as possible and this means grain free and no refined foods at all. Lots of proteins, nuts and seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables, good oils, pre and probiotics and water.

Herbal medicines and other natural medicines and supplements, can also help control and diminish the microscopic implants of endometriosis and also help prevent its return. They can also help with hormone regulation and help with insulin resistance and also help with reducing inflammation. They are a must and now why the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommend herbal medicines and acupuncture and part of the overall treatment plan for the guidelines of treatment of endometriosis.

You also need to look at stress and emotional factors that are driving the inflammation in the first place. Learn some coping skills, learn to relax, find that quiet time, do some yoga, or some form of relaxation. Do whatever it takes to find that stillness in your daily life. You can’t treat a disease without looking at the emotional and lifestyle component of it as well.

So, before you go and try and mask the symptoms of endometriosis and the actual diseases itself, with the pill, Mirena, or other current medical approach, ask yourself this. What are you doing to prevent the cause of the disease in the first place?

Endometriosis requires and multi-modality approach to get rid of it and prevent its return. If you don’t take this approach, then it will nearly always come back. Yes, you need to surgery, but, you still also need to prevent and treat the actual cause of the disease in the first place. This will then treat the microscopic implants from ever coming to life and causing more misery for everyone concerned.

Having just had a loved one riddled with endometriosis, I am going to do everything possible I can to help prevent the return of this horrible disease for this most cherished and loved individual. A multimodality approach will be used and I know that eventually I will take control and vanquish this terrible foe into oblivion where it belongs, like I have done for so many other people in my years of practice. But, with any disease it also requires compliance of the patient too.

What are you doing to control your endometriosis? Do you want to just mask it, or fix it for good?

If so, you need to implement a multimodality approach that I mentioned above and help boot endometriosis out of your life forever.

Just remember, rust never sleeps and neither does endometriosis.

Take care and remember there is always hope and help if you listen where to find it.

I am always here to help you find that help


Dr Andrew Orr



Post-partum refers to the time after childbirth. Post-partum care is too often forgotten as Mother’s primary concern is now her child. Restoring Qi and balance in the body is so important and our Post-Partum treatments are designed to do just this.

Following childbirth a women’s condition is very vulnerable and much care should be taken to eat well and rest. Unfortunately in our western society the trend is for women to leave their beds shortly after childbirth and even go back to work only days after this vulnerable time.

Because of the demands of childbirth much blood is lost during and after labour. This leads to deficiency of blood, chronic tiredness and fatigue. The immune system is susceptible to disease and complications such as Post Natal depression can arise. There is so much emphasis on what women should and shouldn’t do during pregnancy, but there is very little information about care after childbirth. A mother needs to be healthy in order to look after her new baby.

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, childbirth is seen as a deficiency of QI (Vital Energy) and Blood. Organs such as the Spleen (producer of blood), the Liver (stores blood) and the Heart (commander of blood) are all deficient as a result of blood loss. This can cause disharmony in the body.

Signs and Symptoms of Qi and Blood Deficiency include:

  • Tiredness, fatigue
  • Pale skin, complexion
  • Weakness of limbs
  • Dizziness, light-headedness
  • Poor appetite
  • Blurred vision
  • Depression
  • Poor memory
  • Insomnia
  • Loose stools
  • Pale tongue
  • Weak pulse

If lost Qi and Blood is not replaced it can lead to serious complications that may manifest immediately or years later. It may even affect a woman’s ability to fall pregnant again.

Specially formulated Chinese Herbs as well as Acupuncture are effective methods to restore Qi and blood and an integral part of Chinese Medicine. We encourage all women to book in for a Post partum treatment after childbirth to restore their Qi and Blood and restore their energy and vitality again.

There are also a number of things that you can do at home to help restore balance to the body. See our Fact Sheets and Forms page for more information on Post Partum.