Success Rates


102 women with fertility issues participated in a study conducted by Andrew Orr and his team at Shen Therapies.

Results were:

  • Ages at conception ranged from 23 to 45 years with a mean age of 34.4 years
  • Overall only 3.9% of women treated did not get pregnant at all
  • The interval between commencing therapy and conception was between 1 and 29 months, with a median of 4 months. Over 44% of women conceived within the first 2 months of therapy, while 65.6% conceived within 6 months
  • 14.0% of women miscarried, 57% of whom were older than 34 years;
  • 35.6% of women were concurrently on IVF while being treated by Shen Therapies
  • 95.1% of patients were treated with acupuncture and herbs while 4.9% had only herbal treatment
  • Although the number of women choosing to use herbs alone is very small, no apparent differences in pregnancy outcomes seem apparent
  • 86% of pregnant women at the time of this analysis were either pregnant or had successfully given birth to their baby
  • Of those using IVF, 79.4% had a successful outcome while 20.6% miscarried
  • Those who conceived naturally had a lower miscarriage rate of 10.4%

Women aged less than 33 years had slightly better outcomes – 88.9% had either fallen pregnant by the end of the study or given birth.

Women aged 40 years and older has slightly worse outcomes – 81.8% had either fallen pregnant by the end of the study or given birth.

Women who fell pregnant quickly (within 3 months) were less likely to miscarry than those who took longer than 3 months: 6.8% compared to 16.3%. Interestingly, those who took quite a long time to conceive (more than 12 months) had no increased risk of miscarrying compared to those that conceived in the first 3 months – the risk seems highest for those taking 6 – 12 months to fall pregnant.

Natural Induction

Shen Therapies conducted its own research study over a 2 year period, to determine success rates for using natural induction to cause labour.
Shen Therapies found that acupuncture to stimulate labour in overdue mothers carries a success rate of 88%.

Most of the women who came for natural induction were referred from the Royal Brisbane Hospital Birthing Centre. These patients accounted for 85% of the group; others were from a number of different hospitals referred by midwives and former clients.

The stipulations for the study were as follows:

  • Women had to be at least 40 weeks or past due date
  • Participants had to have a Midwife’s or doctor’s approval to engage in the natural induction study
  • All patients had to fill in a research questionnaire after the sessions
  • Patients were told that two sessions may be needed
  • Over a 2 year period, 125 women participated in the research study. Out of the group, 90 went into labour after having only 1 natural induction treatment. 20 participants went onto labour after having 2 natural induction treatments.
  • Only 15 failed to go into labour at all, and these 15 needed medical intervention. Out of the 15 that failed to go into labour, 10 already had children and had been medically induced with prior babies.