Stop Smoking Program

Shen Therapies can assist you give up smoking for good and lead a long, healthy lifestop-smoking-program

The Shen Therapies ‘Quit Smoking’ program is based on the ANADA protocol for treating addictions, developed in the USA and used worldwide. It involves a series of four Acupuncture treatments with pins placed into specific points to break the addiction pattern and produce remarkable results.

Each treatment takes about 45 minutes in total and treatments are administered on Day 1, Day 4, Day 7 and Day 10 or as close to these days as possible (day 1 being the day the patient ceases smoking). The benefits of the Shen Therapies ‘Quit Smoking’ Program include:

  • After 12 hours almost all nicotine is out of the system
  • After 24 hours the level of carbon monoxide in the body has dropped dramatically
  • After 5 days most nicotine by-products are gone.
  • Within a month, blood pressure returns to its normal level and the immune system shows signs of recovery
  • Within 2 months the lungs will no longer be producing extra phlegm that results from smoking
  • After 12 months the increased risk of dying from heart disease is half that of a continuing smoker
  • After 10 years the risk of lung cancer is less than half that of a continuing smoker and continues to decline
  • After 15 years the risk of heart attack and stroke is the same as that of a person who has never smoked

To start your life free from nicotine and reduce your risk of many smoking related complications, book in for your series of treatments today on (07) 332 8369 or email us