Ive Been Given A Gift


“I’ve been given a gift”

I just got off the phone to one of the lovely ladies who is now having her second child with the help of our fertility program. I thought I’d share for those who feel like giving up, or think that all is lost.

This lady came to us battered, defeated and basically told that she would never ever have a baby, especially with her own eggs. She was even told that carrying a pregnancy would be a huge risk. She had done numerous IVF cycles before and was basically told to give up.

This poor lady had one of the worst uterine linings I had ever seen. She had severe endometriosis, severe adenomyosis and had more surgeries than anyone I know. There was more scar tissue in her uterus than good lining. The prognosis was not good.

So I did my evaluation and gave her all my recommendations around treatment and then sent her to the amazing surgeon I work with to get her all tidied up on the inside. Once the laparoscopy was done and everything was tidied up properly (the last surgeon made a mess of her), I got stuck into giving her formulations to target the uterine lining and improving circulation into the lining and ovaries. I also had her on a grain free diet, lots of antioxidants and supplements etc, with lots of lifestyle changes to give her the best chance possible.

We then put her through her first IVF cycle 3 months after working on her, and her husband’s sperm quality (he needed help too as do most men I see). The very first cycle in was unsuccessful, but, the second cycle in worked. She was 44 years old and pregnant with her own eggs. The thing to remember here is that she did everything I told her and did it to the letter too. She just let go and took on the advice and did everything I told her to do.

The pregnancy was a bit touch and go because of her lining issues, but the OB I use was really great in monitoring her. She also did share care and pregnancy treatments with me, throughout the pregnancy too. Then during the birth, after everything, she had a small bleed into the brain and things weren’t looking too good. They did nearly lose her. It was just bad luck and a one in a million to have this sort of mini stroke. But in true strength that this lady possessed, she pulled through and recovered.

Straight after the birth of her first child (about 2 months post-partum) she came back and saw me and said “I want one more. Can we give it a go?”

…. OMG, really?

So at the 6 month mark, this lady went back and had another laparoscopy and got back on my program and started the journey again. We waited 3 months again, using all same dietary and lifestyle advice and all the same supplements and formulas, for both this lady and her partner (guys do not get to get out of this process with me)

Once again the first cycle failed but the second one in worked. This lady is now 45 years old, going on 46 and again she is pregnant with her own eggs. Not bad for someone who was told she would never be able to carry one pregnancy, let alone two. Then she nearly died during the birth of number one.

I just got a call from her and she is booked in to have her baby in the first week of April. She isn’t allowed to go past 38 weeks. The pregnancy has been great so far and she has attributed it all to the help we gave her and the surgeon who I work with.

She said to me “I have been given a gift. I am 45 years old and never thought I would ever become a mum after so many specialists dismissed me. I can’t thank- you and your recommendations enough and I know without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

I just love stories like this. So if you think all is lost, and you are the worst of the worst and have no hope left, just remember this ladies story. Don’t ever give up hope, just because someone told you they can’t help you, or they aren’t helping you at all.

I know that if people do all the recommendations that I ask them to do and follow all of the advice that these are the people that actually do get that baby they so desperately deserve.

Just thought I’d share this story for those who may have given up hope. If this lady can beat the odds, then anyone can.



11 BS Facts About Protein Bars & Protein Shakes People Think Are True

protein bars and shakes

11 BS Facts about Protein Bars and Shakes That People Believe Are True

In this day and age everyone wants a quick fix with everything. This quick fix approach, not only applies to our health, but it also applies to our foods. Nobody wants to spend time on anything anymore and to be honest, many just do not have the time to prepare wholesome foods. Well ….. So they think.

Protein Bars and Shakes have now become a staple in many people’s lives, opting for supposed healthy foods and nutrients in a packet, over delicious prepared fresh foods. What is worrying is how these Protein Bars and Shakes are being marketed and what people now believe they are eating.

While Protein Bars and Protein Shakes can be a great source of getting extra fuel into the body prior to a workout, or exercise…….eating or drinking them, while being sedentary, many be akin to eating the affects of eating junk foods. People may look at this as being a bit of an alarmist statement, but if you take the time to see how many additives, fillers, gums and sugars are in the bars and shakes you are eating on a daily basis, it might just change the way you view those supposed health bars and shakes you are consuming.

There are so many Bars and Shakes on the market these days and because of clever marketing and labelling, many of the Bars and Shakes can promote themselves as being a Protein substitute, while actually having very little protein in them at all and being jammed packed with calories and sugar content to equal some of the products in the confectionary aisles. There are also the latest trends of shakes and bars being marketed through Multi-level marketing, promising miracle cures, miracle body transformations etc, while being nothing more than a cash cow for a big corporation. Worse still these products are full of fillers, additives, gums, preservatives, sugars and goodness knows what else, all sold as a miracle cure for weight loss and a healthy meal replacement, with a cult like, brain washing, marketing spiel behind it to make the old Amway hard sell look like pre-school play.

Before I go into the 11 BS facts about these Protein Bars and Snacks, I do have to make one thing clear. Nothing can replace the amazing benefits of freshly prepared, wholesome, nutritious, clean foods. Nothing!

Can Protein bars and Protein shakes be of benefits to people?

Of course they can, but they should never ever be used as a meal replacement and should only be used as a tool to get extra nutrients and proteins into the body, much the same as we use vitamins to assist nutrient deficient diets and foods. They are called a supplement for a reason. They are there to supplement a need for extra nutrients, glucose, proteins etc. They should never ever be used as a meal replacement. Nothing can replace real foods, or real drinks. You also need to do some thorough research to find ones that have little additives, small amounts of sugars and have good quality proteins and ingredients in them. They are out there, but you really need to search for them.

Protein bars and Protein shakes should really be only used on days when we are exercising, or just before a workout, to help get in extra energy and help muscle repair. Too many people these days are relying on them as a food substitute and wondering why they are putting on weight and rebounding when they come off these so called weight loss -shake plans.

The worst part about these Protein Bar and Shakes, is that it doesn’t teach healthy eating. These products just teach us to be lazy (most of the time) and we then forget the value of freshly made foods. Many shakes and smoothies you could make from scratch are far healthier and contain more live nutrients and proteins than any Protein Powder or Protein bar could ever provide. Not to mention the beneficial enzymes and vitamins that fresh foods provide.

There is always time to make healthy clean eating foods and it just takes preparation and commitment to do so. Having the pantry and refrigerator stocked with healthy foods, rather than unhealthy options, is a good start. Seeing a nutritionist or health care practitioner is a good idea as well to help you have a plan and teach you healthy eating habits. Many people actually just don’t know what healthy foods are.

So let’s look at 11 BS facts about Protein Shakes and Protein Bars

  1. Protein Bars and Protein Shakes are not a meal substitute and should never be used as such.
  2. Many of the shakes and bars on the market (not all), are filled with artificial flavours, sugars, gums, trans fats, additives, preservatives, fillers, phyto-estrogens and all many other nasty things
  3. Just because it is labelled as a protein bar, or shake, does not guarantee it is healthy. Many have little amounts of protein and are full of sugars that are the equivalent to candy bars.
  4. Most of the Multi-level marketed shakes and bars are full of harmful ingredients and worse still they are being prescribed by non-qualified lay people who are not trained in any form of health care, or health management. Many are not even listed with regulatory bodies such as the TGA, or FDA.
  5. They aren’t good for controlling carvings and controlling hunger. Because so many are filled with hidden artificial sugars and additives, most of them will have you craving more sugar than you normally would without them.
  6. Just because it has a celebrity, or health industry PT marketing them, doesn’t mean they are a healthy food choice.
  7. Protein Bars and Shakes should never replace good clean health foods. Never!
  8. Protein Bars and Shakes do not teach healthy eating habits
  9. Just because they are made from supposed raw ingredients, doesn’t mean they are necessarily healthy for you. Raw ingredients that are highly refined, are still refined processed foods.
  10. Making homemade doesn’t necessarily make them healthy either. Might not have all the fillers or additives, but it could still be high in sugars and calories. Dried fruits are still sugar.
  11. Protein Bars and Shakes are not always a weight loss, health management product.


Men Should Have Healthy Diet Before Conceiving.

man and baby

Men Should Have Healthy Diet Before Conceiving, As Unborn Baby Influenced By Father’s Choice Of Food
This is something that we have always promoted at Shen Therapies and why we always make sure we treat the males and well and the females. Biology 101 tells us that it takes a sperm and an egg to make a baby, not just an egg. Just treating the female is not practicing fertility medicine, that is just hormone regulation.
Semen parameters can change by as much as 20% in a given month and change daily, week, monthly and yearly. Just because the sperm has been OK, weeks, months, years ago, does not mean it is OK now.
It takes up to 120 for a sperm to fully mature and so what you have done now, like excessive drinking and eating bad foods, can affect your sperm in that 90 -120 days later.
Plus, there is the DNA damage to the sperm that cannot be measured by any testing and then the mode of genetic inheritance of this passed onto any future child. Genetic inheritance is something we all need to consider and fetal origins of disease

Endocrine Disruption
It has been well established that environmental chemicals (endocrine disrupters) are reproductive toxicants and can be associated with impaired semen quality and reproductive potential in animals and humans.
An endocrine disruptor is defined as:
“as an exogenous agent that interferes with the synthesis, secretion, transport, binding, action or elimination of natural hormones in the body that is responsible for the maintenance of homeostasis, reproduction, development and/or behavior.”
Research has shown that poor fetal nutrition to adult-onset diseases including coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and metabolic dysfunction,and has formed the basis for the developmental origins of health and disease paradigm, which similarly posits a correlation between perinatal health and the eventual development of chronic diseases. Toxicologists have also identified neonatal development as a ‘critical window of exposure’, such that chemical exposures (e.g., endocrine disrupters) have been linked to adult-onset reproductive cancers and many other diseases
Taken together, these models support the extreme sensitivity of the neonatal period to environmental influences, as shown by research, the models provide an explanation for fetal origins of adult obesity risk and other disease states, including infertility.
Shen Therapies does have a really great range of products for men that work. They have been tried and tested and have helped over 12,000 plus babies into the world. Like any herbs and supplements, they are also benefited by a good diet and lifetsyle plan to go with it
At Shen Therapies and as part of our highly successful fertility progroam, we never forget the male when helping couples have a baby. Just remember, Biology 101, tells us it takes a sperm and an egg to make a baby, not just an egg.

Have a look at this post (link below) on recent studies on how men’s diets can affect their offspring too.




Fennel Vaginal Cream Improves Atrophy in Postmenopausal Women


Fennel Cream improves vaginal atrophy

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Fennel vaginal cream improves the signs and symptoms of vaginal atrophy in postmenopausal women, researchers from Iran report.

“The most exciting results were improving the vaginal maturation index and vaginal atrophy,” Dr. Parvin Abedi from Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences, Ahvaz, told Reuters Health by email. “Dyspareunia was improved also in participants. Since Iranian postmenopausal women do not accept the hormone therapy because of its potential risk factors, using fennel will be a good alternative for them.”

According to one international survey of more than 4,000 middle-aged women, 39% of postmenopausal women had moderate to severe symptoms of vaginal atrophy, 42% had no information about its treatment, and more than 50% of affected women said their vaginal atrophy negatively affected their quality of life.

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) has been used in traditional Iranian medicine and modern phytotherapy for its antioxidant, estrogenic, anti-inflammatory, and other properties.

Dr. Abedi and colleagues investigated the effects of a 5% fennel cream on vaginal atrophy in a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study of 60 postmenopausal women. All 60 women completed the eight-week study.

After eight weeks, the number of superficial cells increased and the number of intermediate and parabasal cells decreased significantly in the fennel group, compared with the placebo group.

Significantly more women in the fennel group than in the placebo group experienced relief of itching (100% vs. 43.3%, respectively), dryness (100% vs. 3.3%), pallor (100% vs. 0%), and dyspareunia (93.3% vs. 0%), the researchers report in Maturitas, online November 12.

Before treatment, none of the women had maturation vaginal indices (MVI) in the normal range (65-100). After treatment, all women in the fennel group and none in the placebo group had MVI between 65 and 100. In the placebo group, only 40.7% of women had MVI between 50 and 64, and the rest had MVI between 0 and 49.

“According to results of this study, fennel is an effective therapy for vaginal atrophy in postmenopausal women, which is also devoid of the side effects,” the researchers conclude. “Larger studies are necessary to confirm the positive impacts of fennel on the vaginal symptoms occurring in postmenopausal women.”

Dr. Abedi said “recommendation for using fennel less frequently needs more evidence-based research. However, we think that it will be work if women use it for 8 weeks and then reduce the usage to 2-3 times a week.”

“We are working on other traditional Iranian herbs in the reproductive aged and postmenopausal women,” she added.

SOURCE: http://bit.ly/1J1SQ7S

Maturitas 2015.