Remote Patients / Support Program

We have a solid support system for all patients, particularly those on our Fertility Program. Our Patient Liaison maintains regular contact with fertility patients, providing emotional support and additional professional advice. Our Practitioners are also available for phone consults and we work closely with a number of Psychologists/Counsellors in the event that additional support is required.

Patients from around Australia and even overseas have been known to come to Shen Therapies for treatment, particularly to do the Fertility Program. We achieve remarkable results treating remote patients, provided that the following protocol is followed:

  • Remote patients must initially attend the Fertility Seminar and a consult with a Shen Therapies Practitioner
  • Remote patients may be required to stay in Brisbane overnight in order to see additional specialists that we work closely with and / or to have recommended testing done
  • Remote patients must utilise the postal order system, remaining on all recommended herbs and supplements
  • Remote patients may be referred to a Practitioner in their area to receive ongoing treatments. Note that Shen Therapies has a network of Practitioners that we work closely with Australia wide and we only refer to highly skilled professionals
  • Remote patients are required to book in for monthly phone consults with a practitioner to review progress and reassess treatment moving forward

See our Success Rates for more information about the effectiveness of the program and our herbal supplements.