Natural Induction

Shen Therapies have conducted extensive studies on Natural Induction using Acupuncture and has a very high success rate.natural-induction

Acupuncture may assist Natural induction and is far less invasive than induction by other means as the process is more gradual.

Medical processes are highly effective for inducing labour but tend to place women into tertiary stages of labour, leading to a painful and intense birthing experience.

Induction by acupuncture does not produce this intensity of labour and is less traumatic and less confronting.

Treatments begin with a 15 minute massage on our electric massage chairs, followed by acupuncture to specific points on the body. During treatment, Electro-Stimulation is applied using a TENS machine, sending minor vibrations through the body via the acupuncture needles which gently encourages the body into labour. We generally recommend between 1 to 3 treatments and can begin induction from 38 weeks.

We are referred to by leading obstetricians and midwives all over Australia.

Please talk to your primary health practitioner before commencing any form of induction