Natural Induction

Shen Therapies have conducted extensive studies on Natural Induction using Acupuncture, resulting in a success rate of 88%.natural-induction

Natural induction is far less invasive than induction by other means as the process is more gradual.

Medical processes are highly effective for inducing labour but tend to place women into tertiary stages of labour, leading to a painful and intense birthing experience.

Induction by acupuncture does not produce this intensity of labour and is less traumatic and less confronting.

Treatments begin with a 15 minute massage on our electric massage chairs, followed by acupuncture to specific points on the body. During treatment, Electro-Stimulation is applied using a TENS machine, sending minor vibrations through the body via the acupuncture needles which gently encourages the body into labour. We generally recommend between 1 to 3 treatments and can begin induction from 38 weeks.

What previous clients have said…

Hi Andrew

Thought you might like to add this success to your statistics! I came to see you on July 6 to try to get labour started. I left your rooms at 4.30pm and labour started at 10.30pm. Sophia flew into the world after 2 hours labour! So thanks for that little bit of help needed to get things underway.

Gina Blackberry


Hi Andrew

I received your newsletter in the mail today and I remembered I had not let you know how things went after my two appointments with you for a natual induction. I saw you on the Thursday 26th and Friday 27th May. I got my first labour pains on Saturday night. Our beautiful daughter Claire was born 11 weeks ago on Sunday 29th (10 days overdue). I was booked in for a medical induction at the hospital on Monday morning, so Claire arrived just in time. It was a relatively easy labour (so I’m told). But even from my inexperienced perspective, I didn’t need any pain-relief drugs and the whole birth was certainly was better than I had imagined. I had been doing Pregnancy Yoga with Meredyth Sauer which I think also helped to relax me. It was Meredyth who told me about you when I became overdue. So thank you very much. Please keep me on your distribution lists for the newsletter as I find it very interesting.



Hi Andrew

We met in February for my induction… well two of them as the first one didn’t work! I can’t remember if I had thanked you… So thank you!!! The evening of the second induction I went into labour and had our first son, Thoran the next day. The labour was very intense, and I had regular strong contractions about 4 min apart within the first 30 min! I got to 8-9cm dilated within 4-5 hours. All went very well at the birth centre, but ended up having a caesar (after all that effort to have a natural birth!). The boy was coming through just slightly crooked, but it may have had more to do with the size of his head compared to my pelvis… he got stuck before entering the birth canal, and didn’t move after a couple of hour of pushing. Our baby is incredibly gorgeous (of course!!) and very healthy as we have not used traditional vaccinations. I’ve attatched a couple of photos for you!! I have since recommended you to other pregnant ladies, but neither came to see you…. they went on the drip instead! I couldn’t imagine that!! Thanks again,

Lisa and Gordon and Thoran Brough