Reproductive Health / Fertility Specialists

Life Fertility Clinic (fertility)

Dr Philip Hall (Gynaecologist) 07 3606 3133

Counsellors / Psychologists

Jane Campbell-Kaye

Antonia Lockitch

Resources for Pregnant Mums and Dads

My Midwives Hazel Mastin and Teresa Walsh

Yoga Baby

Mater Arrivals Obstetrics Centre

Glenda McLaren Obstetrics (Obstetrics) 07 3832 7399

Ipswich Midwifery Group Practice 07 3810 1852

Cheryl Sheriff (Doula)

Cool Bubs Bassinet Hire & More

Tina Ziegenfusz (Doula)

Katrina Christ Photograper

Bodywise Underwear

Resources for New Mums and Dads

Yoga Baby

Petite Bisou (healing shells for breastfeeding nipples)

Playground Princess (retail store)

Katrina Christ Photography

Owl and Possum (Felt names)

Others we recommend and work with  

Mooroka Chiropractic Centre (Paul Ryan and Lachlan Hooper)

Lower Limb Centre (Podiatrist Jason McLellan)

Genesis Fitness, Jindalee

Qi Beauty (beauty products)

Peter Pedersen Chiropractor and Osteopathy (Gold Coast)

Park Road Medical Centre (Dr Alan Hadley and team)

Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist (Dr Robert Hodge)

Graham Healy, Healy’s Health and Fitness, Personal Trainer