Infertility – Your Roadmap To Hope

If your dream of having a baby has been interrupted by becoming one of the increasing statistics of couples facing infertility then this is a seminar, you don’t want to miss. A holisitic approach to all things fertility with passionate professionals whose message is simple – infertility is never “unexplained” and you don’t have to do it alone. If you have experienced miscarriages, failed IVF cycles, have poor egg & sperm quality, Endometriosis, PCOS or any other contributing factors, book now!

Dr Andrew Orr of Shen Therapies is one of the country’s leading integrative fertility specialists. His qualifications are extensive; he has a medical degree with a masters in reproductive medicine and a masters of women’s health and is also practitioner of traditional chinese medicine, a complementary medicine practitioner, nutritionist and more. Dr Andrew Orr has assisted more than 12, 500 babies into the world through the Shen Therapies Fertility Program. His ‘east meets west’ approach and passion for assisting couples who have been labeled with “unexplained fertility” and “impossible” makes him the doctor who brings hope to so many across australia and internationally. He is known as “The Babymaker” To find out more about this program please call our clinic on 07 32795697 and please also click on the link Dr Andrew Orr also has his own Facebook Page –

Lisa bondarenko is a director of eshé counselling and specializes in therapeutic support for individuals and couples affected by the painful journey of “infertility”. Her holistic approach towards all things mind, heart & body are critical in surviving and thriving on this road. She provides a safe environment with practical coping tools to support the stress, grief, loss and anxiety often associated with diagnosis, pregnancy loss and IVF treatment –

The next Adelaide Fertility Program date is on Friday 20th of May 2016. Places are limited so please book in asap by call our clinic on 07 32795697 to avoid missing out. You can also find out details on our Facebook page –Shen Therapies