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Shen Therapies have established themselves as leaders in the field of Natural Fertility having assisted over 12,000 healthy babies into the world to date.

Our comprehensive specialised Fertility Program has a success rate of 96.1% and is designed to prepare couples’ bodies and minds so that they are in the best possible condition to create new life.

The Statistics

The following statistics are a review of seven previous studies on acupuncture and fertility:

  • Acupuncture increases the chances of conceiving via IVF by 65%
  • Acupuncture increases the chances of maintaining a pregnancy by 87%
  • Acupuncture increases the rate of maintaining a pregnancy to full gestation by 91%
  • Acupuncture when combined with Chinese herbs increases the chances of conception up to 80%

In Australia, women generally pay about $7000 out of pocket for IVF treatment, compared with about $70-$100 for acupuncture.

Many couples turn to Assisted Reproduction Treatments such as IVF before investigating other less expensive and far less invasive options.

(The Weekend Australian, February 9 2008)

Our Fertility Program

The Shen Therapies Fertility Program was designed by Andrew Orr. Andrew Orr has specialised degrees from the faculty of medicine at UNSW,with a Masters of Reproductive Medicine and a Masters of Women’s Health Medicine. Andrew is also a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, a Naturopath, Nutritionist and more. To date Andrew is the only person in Australia with these combined qualifications, meaning that the Shen Therapies Fertility Program is very specialised and completely different from any program offered elsewhere. It is not like what you may have had, or experienced before. Our East meets West approach enables us to offer additional insight into fertility issues and provide our clients with real solutions. We have experienced staff who provide our patients with regular phone support and additional professional advice.

The program encompasses dietary changes, addressing nutritional deficiencies, reducing stress, managing emotions, enhancing immunity and improving sperm and egg quality. We also address known causes of infertility including Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and any other causal factor. Andrew Orr is one of the only integrative medicine practitioners that also specialises in the treatments of Natural Killer Cells causing miscarriage. Andrew Orr has his own Nutritional Medicince Company, ConceptShen Nutritional Medicine, and has designed a specialised set of fertility formulas for both men and women. The program begins with the Fertility Seminar, lasting 3 hours and conducted every 4-6 weeks on a Friday morning. These seminars are conducted to small groups of clients and delivered by Andrew. Attendance at a Fertility Seminar is compulsory for singles/couples on the program. At the seminars, clients receive a full report based on previously completed questionnaires and test results, as well as crucial supplements to begin the journey to conception. Soon after the seminar, clients attend a 1 on 1 consult with Andrew Orr to receive additional information and recommendations as well as a treatment plan moving forward. Treatment generally involves fortnightly acupuncture appointments for both men and women and the use of herbs and vitamins according to the individual’s Chinese medicine diagnosis.

Couples from all over Australia, and even internationally, have travelled to Brisbane to participate in the Shen Therapies Fertility Program. It is compulsory that remote patients attend the initial seminar and then consult with Andrew Orr, however following this we can refer them to a reputable clinic in their own area to continue with regular acupuncture. We have a postal ordering system which enables our remote patients to order and receive their herbal fertility formulas, supplements and vitamins at their convenience.

The program is designed to support both natural conception and those couples using Assisted Reproduction Technologies such as IUI, IVF and ICSI. We follow specific protocols when supporting IVF an IUI cycles, which our staff will explain upon enquiry. We also help single women and same sex couples and have helped many single women and same sex couples have babies through our highly successful fertility program

For more information about the Shen Therapies Fertility Program and to enquire about the next Fertility Seminar please contact our clinic on (07) 3279 5697 and speak to one of our qualified staff or email info@shentherapies.com.au.

See our case study page for past success stories.