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pdficon_large Increase Your Success Rates By Up To 96.1%
How does Chinese Medicine, Diet & Nutrition help? Why is it so effective? Recent research shows that Acupuncture on its own, can increase the pregnancy rates of people using IVF by 65%. (British medical Journal-Feb 08)
pdficon_large Improving Sperm With Acupuncture
Sperm Quality, Count and Motility. July 25,2005– Acupuncture improves the sperm quality in male infertility, according to a study reported in the July issue of Fertility and Sterility
pdficon_large Male Fertility Fact Sheet
At present there is no treatment in Western Medicine for male fertility issues such as low sperm count, motility issues and defective sperm. Even the latest medical journals have shown that western medicine has had to turn to complementary & nutritional medicine for help
pdficon_large Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Being overweight (or underweight), or having those extra kilos, is causing you those Fertility problems, such a Polycystic ovaries. This is invariably stopping your chances of success
pdficon_large Endometriosis
Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine & Counselling offer great help in treating the cause of this problem. Endometriosis has now reached an all time high in its ever-growing presence. This disease is often debilitating both physical and emotionally
pdficon_large What A Normal Menstrual Cycle Should Be Like
Is your cycle normal? From the time that many women first menstruate, over 50% of them will experience some sort of symptoms that are now known as PMS (Pre-menstrual Syndrome), or PMT
pdficon_large Breech Baby
There is only one reason for a breech baby. In Chinese medicine this has been known for thousands of years. The answer is mostly emotional, with some added postural issues.
pdficon_large Children’s Conditions
Asthma, Colic, Tonsillitis, Epilepsy, Eczema, Leukaemia/Cancer
pdficon_large Do You Have Metabolic Syndrome?
A condition in which a group of risk factors for Cardiovascular Disease and Type 2 Diabetes occur together. Metabolic Syndrome is now recognised to be leading cause of the two major causes of death in our society: heart disease and cancer.
pdficon_large How to help during labour
The most common back pain experienced in pregnancy is lower back pain. This is mainly felt down in the sacrum and lumbar region. Massage, acupressure and heat can be of great benefit to this problem.
pdficon_large Infertility and Weight
Before anyone even thinks about trying to fall pregnant there are a few simple things that need to be sorted out first.
pdficon_large Menopause
The average Australian woman reaches menopause at 51 years of age- with a normal range from 40-55. Contrary to the popular concept, the female body does not become depleted of eggs at this time, but the remaining follicles become less and less responsive to hormonal stimulation.
pdficon_large Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis occurs when bone loss outstrips bone replacement. The result is that the bones become thinner and fracture more easily than normal bone- even with relatively minor trauma.
pdficon_large Post Partem Care
Post-partum refers to the time after childbirth. Following childbirth a women’s condition is very vulnerable and much care should be taken to eat well and rest.
pdficon_large What Men Can Do For Their Partners During Pregnancy
The very reason that prompted me to right this article was that I’m always hearing women say that men don’t know how to help them enough during pregnancy.