Shen Therapies is one of only a handful of clinics in Australia that is able to offer this type of treatment. Biomesotherapy is ideal for patients needing fast and effective pain relief from acute muscular injuries or severe nerve damage.

Pins are placed in and around the area of concern as in a normal acupuncture treatment and then natural anti-inflammatory remedies are injected into the acupuncture meridians. At Shen Therapies, we treat conditions such as tennis elbow, knee pain, severe back pain, headaches, shoulder conditions, sciatica and severe nerve damage using Biomesotherapy. By stimulating acupuncture points and using the injectables concurrently, the overworked muscles causing the pain and discomfort are instantly relaxed and the body becomes balanced once again. The remedies used have very powerful healing qualities, leading to fast, effective and sustained pain relief.

It is possible to feel the effects of Biomesotherapy minutes after a treatment. Generally, we recommend between 1 and 3 Biomesotherapy treatments to address the root cause of the pain. After this, ongoing acupuncture may be recommended for maintenance every 4-8 weeks.

Case Study 1

Recently, Shen Therapies treated a young woman who had fallen ice skating and broken both arms requiring surgery. After 18 months of treatment elsewhere, her pain had not subsided. The level of pain led to other conditions including insomnia and depression. After 4 biomesotherapy treatments with Dr Orr, her pain was gone.