Adelaide Fertility Seminar

Adelaide Fertility Seminar with Dr Andrew Orr

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Attention Adelaide couples trying to have a baby:

*Are you struggling to fall pregnant?

*Have you had multiple failed cycles of IVF, or Assisted Reproductive Therapies?

*Do you want to know ways to increase your chances of pregnancy?

*Are you struggling to fall pregnant a second time around?

*Do you feel like a number at your fertility clinic?

*Do you feel like your fertility specialist, GP, or gynaecologist isn’t listening to you?

*Could you have had things missed in your fertility investigations?

*Are you getting to a point where your fertility journey is getting you down?

*Do you just want proper answers to why you aren’t conceiving?

*Have both you and your partner been evaluated properly?

*Are you considering IVF, or Assisted Reproductive Therapies and want to know more?

*Do you just think that there could be more to your issues that haven’t been looked at?


Dr Andrew Orr will be in Adelaide on Friday 20th May for a series of seminars and women’s health retreat over that weekend and has opened up his schedule to see couples who may need his help

This is a unique opportunity for anyone who is having trouble falling pregnant and needs the help of one of Australias leading Fertility & Reproductive Medicine specialists. But you need to book in asap to avoid missing out. Normally couples would need to fly up and see us for this.

Dr Andrew Orr’s highly successful Fertility Program has helped over 12,000 babies into the world, has been showcased on national television and other forms of media and can help increase your fertility success rates by 96.1% *

If you would like to know more please call our clinic on 07 32795697, or email us at

We do need to know numbers by this Friday 13th and have paperwork back asap. Again this is a unique opportunity to get the answers you never get from anywhere else, so make sure you book in asap

You can also get information on our website by clicking the link below.…/